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Brendan Donovan
Content Marketing Manager & Editor
Brendan is a polymath based in NYC who oversees and edits Ancient8's marketing materials and research. A crypto native since 2016, Brendan draws from his experience as an investor, trader, researcher, educator, and content creator to help shape Ancient8's blockchain research into easily digestible articles.
As one of the first FPSs on the blockchain, Shrapnel is building an extraction-based game on Avalanche, in which players equip themselves with NFT gear to fight on the battlefield, dominating NPC monsters and other players to extract loot or lose their own gear. Users will be able to modify their in-game items, targeting a shooting metaverse format governed by the users.
Free-to-Own: The Future of Gaming or Marketing Buzzword?
Gabe Leydon’s Limit Break game studio made quite a splash in the web3 gaming world at the end of August by emerging from stealth to announce they have raised a whopping $200M in funding to build a new blockchain game. Investors include Buckley Ventures, Paradigm, FTX, CoinBase Ventures, Shervin Pishevar, Anthos Capital, SV Angel, and Standard Crypto. But it wasn’t just the money that made crypto twitter headlines.
Treeverse - An exclusive interview with Loopify
Ancient8 Research recently had the pleasure of interviewing Loopify, Founder/CEO of Treeverse. Treeverse is one of the most highly anticipated web3 titles in development, and with good reason. It doesn’t take much digging to realize there’s something special about Treeverse— Whether it’s the artwork, combat trailer, game design previews, detailed monthly updates, community engagement, or all of the above, there’s a clear commitment to quality and a cohesive, compelling vision throughout.
CyBall is a turn-based card game in which users create teams of NFT cyborgs (known as CyBlocs) to train and compete against each other in soccer matches, earning rewards based on tactics and skill. Just like in real soccer, superior strategy and a little luck can always tip the scales in favor of the underdog.
2021 - Emergence of the GameFi Era
During this great Emergence of GameFi in 2021, many blockchain gaming services were launched, facilitating capital flow into the industry. In this report, we analyze the GameFi on ecosystems, the funding landscape, and breakthrough services of last year, namely Guilds and Launchpads.
The Evolution of Gaming Monetization Models
In the 50+ years since the first commercial game was launched, the gaming industry has undergone enormous changes, from gameplay and technology to monetization methods. In this article, we will first discuss some of the most popular monetization methods for game developers, how blockchain technology is being introduced in the gaming industry, the current development status of blockchain games, and the future outlook of blockchain games.
Paradigm Shift: Web3 games vs the status quo
The bearish macro environment and recent collapse of the Terra ecosystem have sent crypto prices tumbling into bear market territory. The GameFi community’s resilience may be tested, but let’s not forget the innovations that inspired us in the first place: Blockchain is revolutionizing the way games are being made and enjoyed, and the combo of Web3 principles with Web2 quality is coming sooner than you think.