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Join the quest to empower our community.
Together, we to bring Metaverse to the world.
Our Openings

Ancient8 is building the infrastructure for GameFi and managing the largest blockchain gaming guild in Vietnam. We aim to empower millions of people all over the world through blockchain products and gaming. We also partner with leading games and other crypto communities, creating a global network of people with shared interests and a passion for web3 gaming. We want everyone in our Ancient8 family to take pride in their work by making a real impact in this space.

When you step through our doors, you’ll find an environment that’s creative, inspiring, intellectually stimulating, and fun. You’ll have the freedom to take control of your own career as we provide the "launchpad" for your own personal growth and success. The responsibilities and challenges you will face at Ancient8 will prepare you for success in all future endeavours. Make Ancient8 the next chapter in your journey.

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Flexible hours
We know that everyone has their own biological clock and encourage you to work when it’s best for you.
Whether you’re a night owl, or an early bird, there is a place for you at Ancient8.
Fun creates enthusiasm and energy so it’s okay to mix in some fun with work!
Take some time to chat with your colleagues, share some laughs in the cafeteria, maybe even organize a friendly football match or game of paintball?
Remote office
With a team spread across many countries and continents, the whole world is our office.
Whether you feel like a day in the office, the coffee shop, or just feel like spending the day at home, Ancient8 will support you. Just don't become a stranger, or we’ll start to miss you!
Gamer team
Don't be surprised when you catch us gaming in the office!
We are gamers building a GameFi community, after all.
Personal growth
Never stop learning! What makes us most proud is seeing our people grow day by day.
We will gladly support you if you want to learn new skills, whether in the form of courses, seminars, events, or team transfers.
Monthly rewards
The success of the company cannot be separated from the efforts of the members.
With our monthly review, we make sure your individual efforts are well rewarded.

Why join
our Talent Pool?

Joining our Talent Pool will enhance your job search and application process.

Whether you choose to apply now, or just leave your information with us.

We look forward to connecting with you. We will keep you updated with our latest recruitment plans and reach out when your position of interest becomes available.

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