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Crypto Unicorns

2022-09-24 16:03
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Project Highlights

  • Crypto Unicorns is a digital pet collecting and farming game built on the Polygon blockchain. A brainchild of Laguna Games, Crypto Unicorns features adorable visual design and a play-to-earn ecosystem. The game centers around awesomely unique Unicorn NFTs which players can use in a fun farming simulation and in a variety of exciting battle loops like Jousting, Racing, and Team RPG.
  • Crypto Unicorns offers a robust economic system based on a dual token model with $RBW, governance token and $UNIM, utility token. To create balance and to sustain the long-term economy, the game has designed a natural, bi-directional flow of $RBW within its DAO treasury.
  • The game currently has 40.9K Twitter followers and 36.3K Discord members.
  • In October 2021, Laguna Games, a world class game studio that develops Crypto Unicorn, raised a $5M seed round led by Bitkraft Ventures and Delphi Digital. The round was also joined by Transcend Fund, Headline Ventures, and Polygon Studios. The funding will go towards building Crypto Unicorns and a future portfolio of other games. In March 2022, Crypto Unicorns successfully closed $26M token sale led by TCG and Backed VC. Other purchasers included Acme Capital, Bitkraft Ventures, Delphi Digital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Polygon Studios, CoinFund, BreederDAO and Emfarsis.
  • Crypto Unicorns team is made up of 57 industry veterans from around the world who have extensive experience in mobile and web game development at big some big names in the industry like Foundation Games, Beyond Games, EA, Activision Blizzard, etc. as well as the blockchain world. The team has the potential to create and deliver high-quality entertainment to the community.
  • Crypto Unicorns Market is a 34.1K piece NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain. As the time of writing, the current floor price for a Unicorn NFT is 0.038 ETH. The total sales volume of Crypto Unicorns Market is 10.6K ETH with 3.2K owners. The Unicorns Land Market consists of 30K items with a floor price of 0.032 ETH. There are now 5.5K land owners and the total volume sits at 5.1K ETH.
  • The game was officially launched in early May. During the first phase of the launch, only farming mechanics is available. CU has received both positive and negative feedback from the community, and players are still looking for more in other features and game battles in the upcoming versions.
  • Crypto Unicorns is committed to progressive decentralization, and recently initiated Governance - Phase 1 to elect a community-led governance council. This will remove Laguna Games as the gatekeeper to proposals being sent to Snapshot for an official DAO vote. This approach ensures that the community has a voice within the ecosystem while preparing for the future where the community takes over the majority of voting power.
  • After being released, Crypto Unicorns has achieved some impressive milestones like being the number 3 project on Polygon all time (Secondary Sales), be in the top 125 NFT projects all time all chains (Secondary Sales) with total treasury value over $30M.

Crypto Unicorns concept art


  • Farming is a familiar game genre in both the traditional and blockchain space. Most of us have played farming simulator games at some point like Hay Day, Township, and Farmville. These simulator games have their own dedicated fanbase since they are all relaxing and casual. Crypto farming games are just like regular farm simulator games, focusing on harvesting crops, expanding farms, upgrading tools, raising cattle, and pretty much everything farm-related.
  • Wanaka Farm, CryptoBytes, Plant vs. Undead or Polychain Monsters are some of the top blockchain games of this genre, and CU is a highly anticipated contender on the Polygon blockchain. As a farming simulator, the game centers around Unicorn NFTs which players can breed, hatch, evolve and use in a variety of battle loops as well as Land NFTs which players can buy and upgrade over time.
  • Inspired by Super Mario, Pokémon, and Zelda, Crypto Unicorns has an adorable visual design and a variety of game modes to make the game more entertaining. Players can joust, race or team up in PvP battles. In a nutshell, the game is made for those who want to play to earn as well as those just playing for the fun of Unicorn farming and mini-games.

A glimpse into the game set in the Unicorn Multiverse



  • The game focuses on farming centered around Land NFTs which players can buy and upgrade over time. Land is the engine of the community-owned economy and is where Unicorns are bred, hatched, and evolved. Players will be able to participate in a wide variety of activities, including pet collecting, farming, crafting, and PvP games such as battling, racing, and jousting which will be released in the near future.
  • Most of the gameplay right now is based on finding the highest ROI activity for unicorns. Thus players need to come up with the right strategies to optimize the potential rewards.

1. Land Gameplay

  • Land is a customizable plot with a variety of productive buildings. Players benefit from working to upgrade their land which increases its productive output.
  • Key buildings of Land: Farm Slots, Gathering Cart, Workshop, Nursery and Stables.
  • Players first need to add farm plots to their Land, then plant seeds on the farm plots and return later to harvest berries. Initially, players can farm 10 types of berries which are used to breed and evolve Unicorns and as ingredients in crafting.
  • The number of berries that are harvested from a grown seed is random, but can be increased by assigning a Unicorn to the farm, or by increasing the level of the Farm. Harvesting berries has a small chance of dropping a seed. This is a major way for players to acquire seeds.

Figure 1: Berries grow from seeds planted by the players or their unicorns

  • Players can craft building materials and items like breeding and evolutionary boosters in the Workshop. Unicorns are necessary to begin crafting any unlocked recipe. Upgrading a Workshop unlocks higher-level crafting recipes.

Figure 2: Crafting flow

  • When a Unicorn goes on gathering quests, it cannot be used in other gameplay modes. To get higher potential rewards, players need to spend berries to ensure the Unicorn does not get hungry.

Figure 3: Gathering quest flow

💡Matching unicorns with land is important since each land has a class that corresponds with a particular unicorn class. When these are matched, players will get a bonus of more advanced materials and more berries, which leads to better output when crafting.

💡Another feature of the game called Neighborhoods will be released in near future. As farming gameplay involves players purchasing Land NFTs, individual units of land can be combined by players into neighborhoods designed for highly social multiplayer gameplay. Players can customize their Farms and neighborhoods and show them off to the world. This feature will allow people to optimize for shared adjacency bonuses to collectively maximize their productive output and help the project to distribute epic live events to entire player base in real-time.

2. Jousting

  • Jousting tournaments will feature up to 32 unicorns competing in a series of bracketed matches where there is only one winner. Each match will be split into three rounds, and the winner will be determined by points or Unicorn knockout.
  • Some events will be free while others will have entry fees payable in $UNIM or $RBW.

3. Racing

  • Unicorn racing will feature different race tracks with unique attributes like class, distance, weather, and length designed to produce exciting events.
  • Players will be ranked based on how their Unicorn places in the race. The higher the Unicorn ranks, the greater the rewards.

4. Battle Gameplay

This will be team RPG game with both PvE and PvP modes. This feature is still under development and will be available in Q4/2022.

💡Crypto Unicorns is diverse in game modes and has a dynamic play-to-earn mechanism with several ways to reward players including harvesting berries and selling them on the market; gathering on land crafting, breeding, evolving, and building materials and selling them on the market; harvesting and crafting materials; entering race, jousting events and tournaments; PvE and PvP battles. The game’s design might be a little ambitious, but players will never get bored with it once the team pulled this off. We are looking forward to the full version of the game which will be released this year.



1. Unicorns

  • There are 10,000 Genesis Unicorn eggs in the forthcoming Unicorn Multiverse. On November 15, 2021, Laguna Games sold all these genesis eggs to early community members. These eggs form the foundation of the game economy.
  • Unicorns are helpful creatures that create value in the game and help out around the farm, so players can put them to work increasing the productive output of Land and crafting materials to upgrade buildings. Thus, to start playing, users will need to acquire a plot of Land and a Unicorn from OpenSea. The Land will be activated once players have a Unicorn on it.
  • The Crypto Unicorns Market is a 34.1K piece NFT collection stored on the Ethereum blockchain. As the time of writing, the current floor price for a Unicorn NFT is 0.038 ETH. The total sales volume for Crypto Unicorns Market is 10.6K ETH with 3.2K owners.

Figure 4: Unicorn NFT Sale on OpenSea

  • Unicorn lifecycle: egg ⇒ hatch into babies ⇒ evolve into adults

  • Unicorn features:

    • Class: Moon, Crystal, Heart, Cloud, Candy, Flower, Rainbow, Omnom and Star. Each corresponds with the types of unicorn eggs.
      Class Features
      Moon Quintessential space explorers. Playful and capable.
      Crystal Calm, placid demeanor. Great endurance and steadfastness.
      Heart Tough and clever. A great addition to any stable.
      Cloud Mercurial Unicorns that are some of the best friends to have. Bright, intelligent minds.
      Candy Sweet, clever, and tough.
      Flower Blazing quickness and keen minds. Blooming with persuasiveness.
      Rainbow Quick thinking and big hearts.
      Omnom Gig, loud, and boisterous.
      Star Flamboyant and shrewd. Quick wit with charming twinkle.

    Table 1: Unicorn’s classes and features

    • Genes: Minor, Normal and Major gene slots
    • Breeding: Players breed Unicorns using $RBW, $UNIM and Normal Berries. Class Berry can be added to increases the odds that the newborn will be of the same class as the used berry. Each Unicorn can breed up to eight times.
    • Hatching: It takes roughly 24 hours to produce a new Unicorn egg. It can be hatched at anytime once being ready.
    • Evolution: Players need Class Berries, $RBW, $UNIM and Booster (optional) to evolve a Unicorn.

2. Land

  • Lands are the world where unicorns spend their days, keeping busy with work and play. There is a natural connection between the land and the unicorns living on it, and when they are compatible, everything is more productive.
  • The Unicorns Land Market consists of 30K items at a floor price of 0.032 ETH. There are now 5.5K land owners and the total volume sits at 5.1K ETH.

Figure 5: Crypto Unicorns NFT Land Sale on OpenSea

Rarities Total supply Features
Common Land 900,000 plots - 9 types corresponding with Unicorn class
- Players receive buffs when using a Unicorn of the same class as the Land
Rare Land 90,000 plots - 3 different types (one for each class group)
- Provide buffs for any unicorn within an entire class group
Mythic Land 10,000 plots - 1 type
- The rarest and most valuable one
- Buffs all 9 classes

Table 2: Crypto Unicorns Land rarities and features

Figure 6: Land rarities

Figure 7: Land adjacency bonuses

💡CU is creating a strong set of NFTs that are not only useful in the game itself but also a variety of other games to be built inside the Unicorn Multiverse. This will increase the utility value of Crypto Unicorn NFTs in the long run and encourage players to continuously create new NFTs. At the moment, players cannot personalize their unicorns or land. This feature will be added in a future update.

Additional Features

Rainbow Marketplace

  • Here players will be able to buy seeds, crafting materials, and boosters that are used to make land and farms more productive.
  • The marketplace is built as an AMM, which means once it’s set up, it will automatically self-regulate to offer fair prices for a variety of items with little to no human management.
  • Utilizes bonding curves as the pricing mechanism per bundle, which means each item available will have a separate Liquidity Pool (LP) in which it is paired with $RBW.
  • Each item has a bonding curve. Players can collectively influence the price of bundles as they buy and sell. Each day there will be a new set of bundles listed in the marketplace allowing players to trade against each other.

💡In Rainbow Marketplace, players can buy or sell a given asset. Price will go up when there’re more buys, and go down when there’re more sellers. This could be linear or exponential; either way, it creates parity and incentives to drive utility to all types of materials.

On-chain Mini Games

  • Entirely on-chain and encapsulated into a smart contract.
  • They are developed in collaboration with an external development team.

Governance DAO

  • Crypto Unicorn has recently introduced the Governance - Phase 1 to elect a community led governance council which will take over from the Laguna Games team and be initially responsible for determining which Draft Proposals make it to an official Snapshot vote.
  • As proposed, the project will be using Snapshot.org for all governance votes. Anyone who has staked $RBW can vote. 1 sRBW is equivalent to 1 vote.

Game Economy

1. Economics

  • Farming is the core loop and Land is the engine of the game’s economy.
  • Land allows players to harvest and produce resources as well as facilitates and enables the birth of new generations of Unicorns.

Figure 8: Crypto Unicorns gameplay loop

💡Each of the game loops in Crypto Unicorns heavily relies on the others, from breeding unicorns, farming berries, crafting items, gathering materials to trading these resources on marketplace. Thus, the game offers robust active gameplay with high earning potential. This requires the players to deeply engage in the game to generate as much income as possible.

2. Token Utility

Crypto Unicorns has a dual token system with $RBW governance token, and $UNIM utility token.

Rainbow Token $RBW (Governance) Unicorn Milk $UNIM (Utility)
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $RBW Total supply: Infinite
Inflationary factors:
- PvE and PvP rewards
- Staking
Inflationary factors:
- PvE and PvP rewards
- Event and tournament rewards
Deflationary factors:
- Governance
- Purchase high-value boosters, items, and materials
- Breed and evolve Unicorns
- Pay entry fees for Jousting, Racing, and Battle Tournaments
Deflationary factors:
- Breed and evolve Unicorns
- Craft high value items and boosters

Table 3: Inflationary and Deflationary factors of $RBW and $UNIM tokens

💡$RMW is designed to be not only governance token but also the only currency used in the Rainbow Marketplace. Thus, $RBW utility is diverse and there will be a lot of demand from all areas of the game as it might increase the value of the token in short term but not in the long term. 5% of $RBW will be released via public sale and airdrop and more will be released after this amount is staked. Since $RNW supply is fixed and will be constantly re-selling into the market as people use it in the game, the token will not accrue any value because there’s no burning mechanism. Therefore the inflation rate of $RMW will be very high, with no reason to hold the token long term.

3. Token Allocation

Figure 9: $RBW allocation

Figure 10: $RBW token release schedule


Crypto Unicorns is developed by Laguna Games, a world class studio made up of 57 industry veterans from around the world. The team is passionate about bringing daily moments of joy to community and seek to deliver high-quality entertainment on a massive scale.

Aron Beierschmitt - Co-founder/CEO

  • 10+ years of games experience Foundation Games, Beyond Games
  • 8 game titles including Lumi, Ravenwood Fair, Battle Strike Force

Steven Garcia - Co-founder/CTO

  • 10+ years games experience, on the developer side as well as tech & tools
  • GarageGames -> ngmoco -> DeNA -> Beyond Games
  • Transformers Legends, Blood Brothers 2

Brian Akaka - CMO

  • 15 years in games
  • Freeverse -> Appular -> Anino
  • Street Fighter 4, Monster Hunter, Talking Tomcat

Chris Bourdon - COO

  • 15 years at Apple leading product marketing for macOS
  • CEO of Upthere, sold to Western Digital

Rob Sampson - Technical Director

  • 10+ years of games experience, 3+ years of Blockchain XP

Beau Bateman - Art Director

  • 8+ years of games experience
  • Naturalmotion -> Beyond Games

Jeff Witt - Design Director

  • 10+ years of F2P game design experience
  • Storm 8 (co-founder) -> Funzio (co-founder) -> GREE (Design Director)

Dale Best - Studio Director, Laguna Games JHB

  • 15 years of games experience
  • Luma Arcade-> Beyond Games

Ria Lu - Studio Director, Laguna Games MNL

  • 15 years of games experience
  • Branded games for Coca-Cola, Nescafe, Jollibee

Partners & Investors

  • In October 2021, Laguna Games raised a $5 million seed round led by Bitkraft Ventures and Delphi Digital, as well as Transcend Fund, Headline Ventures, and Polygon Studios. The funding will go towards building Crypto Unicorns and a future portfolio of other games.
  • In March 2022, Crypto Unicorns successfully closed $26M token sale led by TCG and Backed VC. Other token sale purchasers included Acme Capital, Bitkraft Ventures, Delphi Digital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Polygon Studios, CoinFund, BreederDAO and Emfarsis. The funds are held in the treasury of the Crypto Unicorns DAO. Participants in the sale will play a role in the DAO’s future governance decisions.

Figure 11: Crypto Unicorns partners and investors

💡The backing and trust of many big names in the blockchain gaming and web3 together with the enthusiasm and confidence of the whole team will help Crypto Unicorns to focus on building a great game for players and leverage their experience and insight to build a truly cutting-edge experience and community.


  Twitter Inactive followers Discord Telegram
Crypto Unicorns 40.9K 18.9% 36.3K 2.6K
Chicken Derby 25.4K 15.2% 9.3K -
Avarik Saga NFT 61.1K 5.9% 12.9K -
Hero Arena 196K 34.7% 16.9K 130.3k

Table 4: Social media statistics of Crypto Unicorns and other prominent projects (Twitter, SparkToro, Discord, Telegram)

  • Crypto Unicorns has organized many activities and events ahead of NFT game launch to attract users. Pioneer Program, a land staking program that will span over four weeks with in-game materials airdropped to the participants was one their recent big events.
  • CU Discord channel is quite well-organized. The discussion is active and the support team is enthusiastic. Twitter channel is full of engaging content, from product updates, in-game activities to AMA or airdrop events.
  • The game was officially launched in early May. During the first phase of the launch, only farming mechanics is available. CU has received both positive and negative feedback from the community.
    • There are still many problems and bugs with the in-game assets, breeding, evolving, etc.
    • Players’ assets get stuck so they are unable to play or further expand their unicorn teams. This issue has been reported but the team has been slow to resolve it.
    • Occasional missing token payouts.
    • There’s no announcement or prior warning about major changes to the game mechanics or progress of bugs being fixed every day. This has badly affected players’ experience within the game as well as the trust in the project.
  • Crypto Unicorns is developing an independent entity called Crypto Unicorns DAO. This will be a separate organization with its own bylaws operated at the direction of the sRBW holders to supporting the advancement of the CU community. It will do this through grants from the Ecosystem Fund to third-party developers, contributors, and community members who make meaningful improvements to the CU community.
  • In their next phases, the team will keep on working hard to deliver a truly independent DAO that is responsible for directing and nurturing the project for the long term.
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